St Peter Port Lighthouses

Castle Breakwater St Peter Port
Castle Breakwater Lighthouse, St Peter Port

The lighthouses of Castle Cornet and White Rock Pier at the entrance to St Peter Port guide vessels into the main harbour. Victoria Marina Lighthouse is located further in the marina on Albert Pier. St Peter Port Harbour is the main port for the island of Guernsey, and ferries arrive and depart from here.

Castle Breakwater Lighthouse

Castle Breakwater Lighthouse is located at the end of the breakwater by Castle Cornet in St Peter Port.

The castle was the harbour defence and was originally a tidal island. In 1859 the breakwater was built to connect it to the harbour.

Castle Breakwater St Peter Port
Castle Breakwater Lighthouse

There is a connecting bridge to Castle Cornet. The breakwater at the end of the castle was completed in 1861, and its lighthouse was completed in 1867.

Victoria Marina Lighthouse

You can find another of St Peter Port Harbour’s lighthouses at the end of Albert Pier, visible from the opposite breakwater. Victoria Marina Lighthouse is a lattice tower visible from the opposite pier.

The first breakwater in the harbour dates back to the 13th century, where the Albert Pier is now located. A dry stone pier was built in 1580, and until 1806 a roundhouse tower at the end of the pier housed prisoners ready to be shipped by sea. A lighthouse was built on its remains in 1831 but was demolished in 1860. The pier was extended in 1861-63 and named after Prince Albert. His statue was erected in1863.

White Rock Pier

The White Rock Pier Lighthouse is located on the end of North Pier at St Peter Port harbour entrance. Ferries come into and out of this side of the harbour.

St Peter Port Lighthouse
White Rock Pier Lighthouse

The North Pier was originally built around 1703 and was improved in 1750. Before the harbour was completed in the 1770s, everything was landed on the beach, and cattle were made to swim ashore.

The old harbour entrance was widened in 1838, and the pier was extended in 1893.

Castle Breakwater LighthouseEstablished: 1867 Discontinued: Engineer: Tower Height: 12 metres Light Character: Al W R 10 s Range: 16 miles Fog Signal: Elevation: 14 metres Automated:
Victoria Marina LighthouseEstablished: Discontinued: Engineer: Tower Height: 7 metres Light Character: Oc R 5 s Range: 14 miles Fog Signal: Elevation: 10 metres Automated:
White Rock Pier LighthouseEstablished: 1908 Discontinued: Engineer: Tower Height: 10 metres Light Character: Oc G 5 s Range: 14 miles Fog Signal: Elevation: 11 metres Automated: