Sorel Point Lighthouse

Sorel Point Lighthouse is located on the northern headland of Jersey, looking out to the Normandy coastline.

The lighthouse warns of the Paternoster Reef to the northwest and Les Dirouilles, a reef to the northeast.  Both are hazardous to vessels traversing the French coast, Guernsey and Sark.

The lighthouse was built at Sorel Point in 1938 by Jersey Harbour Authority. It was built from a semi-circular concrete pillbox with a flat roof and operated using acetylene gas.  Originally the light was displayed through a long window before a lantern was added to the roof. 

Sorel Point

Two white and red sectors mark the Paternoster Reef and Les Dirouilles Rocks.

The lighthouse was converted to solar power in 2009, and since the solar panels were sited on the roof, the lantern moved back inside.   The tower was originally painted with a black-and-white chequered design to make it visible as a daymark.  This was removed following solarisation, and the tower is now painted white.

Jersey lighthouse

The lighthouse is easily accessible, there is a track down to the headland, and the site is next to the Ronez Quarry.  It is not easily visible from the headland until you reach it.

Established: 1938
Tower Height: 3 metres
Light Character: L Fl W R 7.5 s
Light Range: 15 miles
Elevation: 50 metres