Noirmont Point Lighthouse

Noirmont Point

Noirmont Point Lighthouse is located east of St Aubin’s Bay on the southwest coast of Jersey. It is located at the foot of the Noirmont Point cliffs on a rocky headland at the most southerly point of Jersey. The rocky outcrops are hazardous to shipping traversing St Helier to La Corbiere.

Noirmont Point was once the domain of the Duke of Normandy. The headland looks out to St Aubin’s Bay, Elizabeth Harbour and St Helier harbours.

A Martello tower was built between 1810 and 1814 to defend against Napoleonic invasion. It was also known as La Tour de Vinde, derived from the Norse “vinde”, which means to tack or go about. A vessel sailing past St Aubin’s Bay could tack to approach the harbour once it had passed the point.

Noirmont Point

During the Second World War, as part of the Occupation of the Channel Islands, German forces built Battery Lothringen. This coastal artillery was built at the top of Noirmont Point. The Channel Islands Occupation Society now maintains these bunkers. Link

In 1915 the Noirmont Point tower had a light fitted to mark the Silltees Reef, around a mile south. A polycarbonate lamp mounted on a mast later replaced the lantern.

Tour de Vinde

Noirmont Point Lighthouse is now operated by solar power and mounted on a pedestal at the top of the tower.

In 1950 the States of Jersey bought the headland. It now serves as a memorial to those who died during the occupation. On 9th May 1970, a memorial stone was unveiled at Noirmont Point to mark the 25th anniversary of Liberation.

Jersey headland

Noirmont Point Lighthouse can be viewed from the cliffs above, and it is possible to walk with extreme caution at low water, but do check the tides.

Established: 1915
Tower Height: 10 metres
Light Character: Fl (4) W 12 s
Light Range: 10 miles
Elevation: 18 metres