Lighthouse Accommodation Britain and Worldwide

Lighthouse Accommodation Britain and Worldwide is the comprehensive guide to staying in lighthouses and lightvessels. There are over 70 lighthouses, lightships and lighthouse ships in the UK and over 200 in the rest of the world!

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Lighthouse Accommodation

This guide gives booking and contact details for all known lighthouses throughout the world. You can also stay in lightvessels, service vessels, fog signals and other unique accommodation.

In addition, there is a brief history of each lighthouse in Great Britain offering holiday accommodation. 

Paperback: black and white photos throughout, 304 pages

Kindle: colour photos throughout

Published: January 2022


If you are searching for your dream lighthouse holiday, then look no further! You can find lighthouse holiday accommodation ranging from hostels to self-catering apartments, guest houses to hotels.

Every property is unique, and it’s not just lighthouses you can stay in. You can also find lightvessels, fog signal stations, former shore stations for the families, lighthouse service vessels and even residences associated with former lighthouse engineers.


What a splendid little tome, Joy has done most of the leg work when one gets the urge to go and stay in a lighthouse.


This is not bedtime reading – more of a directory to browse – but what sweet dreams – when pursuing the assortment of lighthouses and related properties – whilst listening to their names being recited on the shipping forecast.

If you dream of staying in a lighthouse or on some rugged headland – then this book will help make those dreams come true.


Not only are UK lighthouses and keepers cottages featured – but there is also a worldwide section.

The most useful aspect of the book is the comprehensive contact details – giving direct access to the owners or agents for each property along with a picture for most of the UK ones.


Dreaming of escaping? Then this is a book worth buying.

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