About me

Joy Tubby (Adcock), author of Lighthouse Accommodation Britain and Worldwide at Sumburgh Head, Shetland
Joy Tubby

I’m Joy, and I’m the author of Lighthouse Accommodation Britain and Worldwide, the comprehensive guide to staying in lighthouses around the world (written under my author name: Joy Adcock).

I want to share some of my experiences of staying in and visiting lighthouses with you so that you can plan your perfect lighthouse getaway.

I live in Norfolk, with my husband Patrick. We’re both pharologists, and passionate about lighthouses! Patrick and I both love visiting lighthouses and enjoy researching about various aspects of lighthouse keeping. So much so that we were married at Nash Point Lighthouse in Wales in 2009, staying in one of the lighthouse cottages for our honeymoon! There are a number of lighthouse wedding venues.

My interest in lighthouses stems back from family holidays. The first lighthouse I ever visited was South Stack Lighthouse in Anglesey, aged 9. I also remember visiting Start Point Lighthouse in Devon, aged 12, and that’s where my passion began. I remember the foghorn waking me one morning. Most of the UK lighthouses have no longer have operational fog signals.

In 1994 I stayed at Great Orme’s Head Lighthouse in North Wales. Following my stay there I discovered that there were more lighthouses available to stay in.

I started to research further, and several years later wrote my first edition of Lighthouse Accommodation Britain and Worldwide, published in 1999 (under my author name, Joy Adcock). Since that time the book has been updated regularly and it is now available in paperback and ebook formats.

I am an active lighthouse volunteer at Happisburgh Lighthouse and am involved with several lighthouse charities. I am an active member of the Association of Lighthouse Keepers, and Secretary of Happisburgh Lighthouse Trust in Norfolk, the UK’s only independently operated working lighthouse.


Bressay Lighthouse, Shetland