Lighthouse Holidays: the ultimate guide
Lighthouse holidays can be great fun! Having stayed in and visited lots of lighthouses over many years, I can definitely recommend a lighthouse getaway. Plan your next adventure.
Lighthouse Directory
The lighthouse directory has been compiled to help you find lighthouses, lightvessels, museums and other associated places of interest in the UK. You may wish to visit some of these on your lighthouse holiday.

Lighthouse holidays: stay, explore, discover

Trevose Head
  • Stay in a lighthouse UK and worldwide! Throughout the world, are self-catering holiday cottages, hotels and guest houses. Some have accommodation or access to the lighthouse tower. But it’s not just lighthouses you can stay in. You can also stay in lightvessels, lighthouse service tenders, fog signals and even former residences of lighthouse engineers.
  • Explore the locality and find places to visit in the Lighthouse Directory. Search for lightvessels, lighthouse shore stations, fog signals, lighthouse service vessels, and museums. Find out where the families of lighthouse keepers lived. Discover other places that you might not have found.
  • Find inspiration on things to do on your lighthouse holiday.
  • Discover more about lighthouses, the lighthouse keepers and their families. Learn about the engineers who designed them.
McArthurs Head Lighthouse

Joy Tubby

I’m Joy, author of Lighthouse Accommodation Britain and Worldwide. I have always had a keen interest in lighthouses, their history, and how they work. I’m a volunteer at Happisburgh Lighthouse, the UK’s only independently operated working lighthouse. I’m also a member of the Association of Lighthouse Keepers.

Having stayed in lighthouses around the UK and elsewhere in the world, I decided to write a guide. This was first published in 1990 and has been updated many times since.

But it’s not just lighthouses, there are so many other aspects to discover. Nearby you can usually find out more about the local history. There may be museums nearby and other buildings or structures of interest.

Every lighthouse has its own unique history and story to tell. They are usually located in beautiful places, and there is so much to explore in the area.

I hope that you feel inspired to create your own lighthouse adventure, visit them and find out more. Have an amazing time!

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