Portsoy Lighthouse

Portsoy Harbour

Portsoy Lighthouse was established around 1884, when the pier was rebuilt.

A white cast iron lantern sits on top of a square tower off Shore Street, overlooking the tiny harbour.

The Old Harbour of Portsoy is the oldest on the Moray Firth, dating back to the 17th century. In 1825 the New Harbour was built to accommodate the growth in the herring fishing industry.

Portsoy featured as the fictional island of Todday in the 2016 remake of the film Whisky Galore! It was also the location for a send-off of the 1949 version of the film made by Tennents Lager.

The town is also famous for its local jewellery made of Portsoy Marble.

Established: circa 1884
Discontinued: 2009
Tower Height: 8 metres