Wick Harbour Lighthouse

Wick Harbour South Pier
South Pier Lighthouse, Wick Harbour

Wick Harbour Lighthouse is located on the South Pier in the area of Pulteneytown. Pulteneytown developed on the southern side of the river for the fishing industry.

Wick Harbour, like so many on the North East coast of Scotland, was an important port for the herring fishing industry in the 19th century.  By around 1900, over 1,120 boats fished from the harbour.

Wick lies on the estuary of the Wick River.  The Harbour Bridge spans the river near the mouth, linking the town with the harbour and Pulteneytown.

Wick Harbour

The harbour construction began in 1803. The harbour consists of three basins: the Outer and Inner Harbours on the southern side and River Harbour, used for commercial vessels.  Breakwaters protect all three.  

Thomas Stevenson, James Bremner and Thomas Telford were all responsible for the construction of the harbour.

Wick Harbour Trust have owned the port since 1879.

Wick North Harbour
North Pier Lighthouse

The North Pier Lighthouse was originally the rear range light with the South Pier Lighthouse, but is no longer in use.


Ebenezer Place in Wick is the world’s shortest street, with Makays Hotel straddling the street, and worth a visit for a cup of tea and cake.

The Wick Heritage Museum is also well worth a visit. On display is the former optic from Noss Head Lighthouse.

Wick Harbour

Wick South Pier Lighthouse

  • Established: 1897
  • Height of tower: 11 metres
  • Character: Fl W R G 3s
  • Elevation: 12 metres
  • Range: White: 12 miles, Red: 9 miles, Green: 9 miles

Wick North Pier Lighthouse

  • Established: 1910
  • Discontinued
Established: 1897
Tower Height: 11 metres
Light Character: Fl W R G 3s
Light Range: W 12 miles, R 9 miles, G 9 miles
Elevation: 12 metres