Tod Head Lighthouse

Tod Head Lighthouse

Located on the coastline between Kinneff and Catterline, south of Stonehaven, a light was first exhibited at Tod Head Lighthouse on 20th December 1897.

The fog signal came into operation in April 1898.

The lighthouse was converted to electricity in 1973 replacing the original paraffin vapour burner.

Two bullseye panels were removed in 1997 to alter the change of the character. It was changed to semi-watched status, and only 1 keeper was required until it was automated in 1988.

Following a review of navigation aids in 2005, the lighthouse was decommissioned on 11th July 2007.  The optic was removed and put into storage as part of the National Museum of Scotland’s collection in Granton.  

A section of the optic and various artefacts, including the sundial and pedestal, is on display at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses at Kinnaird Head.

Following decommissioning, the former keepers’ cottages and the lighthouse tower were sold off, and are all privately owned.  The tower was sold in 2012.

Established: 1897
Discontinued: 2007
Engineer: David A Stevenson
Automated: 1988