Lybster Lighthouse

Lybster Lighthouse

Lybster Lighthouse is located on the South Pier Head of Lybster Harbour.

Lybster was once a busy herring fishing port and is guarded at its entrance by the white octagonal lighthouse.  By 1838 Lybster was the third biggest herring port in Scotland, and the harbour was continually being developed throughout the herring boom.  

The lighthouse was built in 1884, by which time the fishing industry was already waning.  

Lybster Lighthouse

On the way out of the village is the site of Lybster Railway Station. Hoping to profit from the herring industry, the line ran north to Wick, connected to the Inverness mainline.  The line only operated from 1903-44. The station’s claim to fame is that Lybster was the furthest public railway station from a London terminus in mainland Britain. 


The Waterlines Heritage Museum is located close to the harbour, with a cafe and museum and exhibition about the harbour, area, and history. 

The film Silver Darlings, from Neil Gunn’s book, was filmed at Lybster Harbour. In 2019 it was also used as a location from the drama, The Crown.

Established: 1884
Light Character: Oc R 6 s
Light Range: 3 miles
Elevation: 10 metres