Lossiemouth Fisheries and Community Museum

Lossiemouth Museum

Lossiemouth Fisheries and Community Museum is located in the harbour at Lossiemouth.

The former optic from Covesea Skerries Lighthouse is on display – you can see the base on the ground floor and the lens on the first floor.

The optic was donated to the museum after the lighthouse was automated in 1984 and a bank of sealed beam lamps were installed.

Covesea Skerries optic

On the first floor of the museum, there is also an archive of material, including photos of Covesea Skerries Lighthouse.

The museum, which is staffed by volunteers, has a wealth of information about fishing and boatbuilding with various models on display. Also, information about the local community, including a reconstruction of the late Prime Minister Ramsay Macdonald’s study.