La Greve d’Azette Lighthouse

La Greve D'Azette

La Greve d’Azette Lighthouse is a front range light working in conjunction with Mont Ube rear range Lighthouse. It is located on the beach along the seafront promenade at St Helier and is sometimes called Samares Lighthouse).

Vessels approaching St Helier from the west need to pass between Noirmont Point Lighthouse and Les Fours buoy. They then pick up a pair of range lights guiding them through the channel from Noirmont Point towards Dog’s Nest Beacon. The leading lights guide them into the western side of St Helier Harbour.

La Greve d’Azette Lighthouse is located about a mile east of St Helier Harbour along the Grande Route de La Cote. It was built in 1896, with its concrete base built into the sea wall along the promenade. The lattice steel tower is 64 feet high and has a red stripe as a daymark on the seaward side.

During daylight hours, the lighthouse is used with the Dog’s Nest Beacon to the east of the harbour entrance. At night it is used with the Mont Ube rear range lighthouse.

Mont Ube Lighthouse rear range lighthouse is located inland on a hill at St Clements and is sometimes called the St Clement Lighthouse. It is just over a mile northeast of the Greve d’Azette Lighthouse.

The white-painted lattice tower is 46 feet high and was increased by 20 feet in 1929 to avoid the growing treeline obscuring its light.

Both lighthouses were built in 1896 and first exhibited on 1st October 1896. Mont Ube was powered using oil, and La Greve d’Azette was powered using town gas.  

Two keepers lived across the road in cottages, which were later demolished.

Both lighthouses were automated in 1971.

La Greve d'Azette LighthouseEstablished: 1896 Discontinued: Engineer: Tower Height: 20 metres Light Character: Oc W 5 s Range: 14 miles Fog Signal: Elevation: 23 metres Automated:
Mont Ube LighthouseEstablished: 1896 Discontinued: Engineer: Tower Height: 14 metres Light Character: Oc R 5 s Range: 12 miles Fog Signal: Elevation: 46 metres Automated: