Grange Mariners Beacon

Grange Mariners Beacon

Grange Mariners Beacon is located in the village of West Kirby and stands at the top of Caldy Hill. 

West Kirby was once an island at the mouth of the River Dee.  At one time large ships were able to enter the River Dee until they reached Thingwall.  However, over time the estuary silted up.

A windmill on top of Caldy Hill had been used for years as a navigation aid.  However, the mill was destroyed during a storm on 6th January 1839. As a result, an 18-metre high sandstone column was built in 1841 to replace the mill.  A large stone ball is mounted on the top of the column, and a millstone is set at the base of the column.

Grange Beacon view
View from the beacon across to Hillbre Island

An inscription on the tower reads:

This column was erected by the trustees of the Liverpool Docks, by permission of John Shaw Leigh Esq, owner of the land, who also gave the stone for its erection AD 1841 as a beacon for mariners frequenting the River Mersey and its Vicinity.

It is said that a burial tomb was also located under the site of the mill.

From the Mariners Beacon at Caldy Hill, there are fine views across the River Dee estuary to North Wales and Point of Ayr.

West Kirby has a Victorian promenade and marine lake.  From here it is possible to talk out to Hillbre Island at low water, with care.

The Grange Mariners Beacon is easily found on Column Road, and forms part of a circular walk.