Woodside Ferry Lighthouse

The current lighthouse at Woodside Ferry Terminal is a replica of the original one built in 1840.

Woodside Ferry Terminal is located on the western side of the River Mersey on the Wirral Peninsula.  The terminal links the Liverpool-Birkenhead ferry

Historically there have been many ferry services from Wirral to Liverpool. By the 18th century, an increase in traffic from Chester prompted the growth of transportation across the River Mersey.  And by the 1820s the town of Birkenhead had developed rapidly. 

By 1842 the Birkenhead Commissioners were operating a ferry service. A stone pier was established in 1840 and a lighthouse with a window in its lantern shone across the River Mersey.

Less than twenty years later the area was redeveloped.  Land at the end of the pier was reclaimed, and a new floating landing stage was built in 1861.  This new landing stage allowed use for both the ferries and Mersey Docks and Harbour Board.  The ferry fleet improved by 1890, with twin-screw steamers replacing the paddle steamers.

The Woodside Ferry Lighthouse was discontinued but remained in situ despite these alterations around it. 

The ferry terminal underwent major refurbishment again in 1985.  At the same time, the landing stage and passenger bridge were replaced, and during the renovation process, the base of the old lighthouse was removed.  The lighthouse lantern was saved and placed on a new stone tower in its original position but is not operational.

The original bell from the tower was restored and can be found at the new landing stage.

The ferry terminal can be found on the Wirral Circular Trail route.

Established: 1840, Current tower: 1986
Tower Height: 7 metres