Cregneash Radio Beacon Station

Cregneash Radio Beacon Station

Cregneash Radio Beacon Station was established on 20th May 1938. Its purpose was to provide a radio beacon for vessels and to maintain communication with Chicken Rock Lighthouse.

The Keeper of Langness Lighthouse, Mr Mackenzie, was transferred to the Cregneash radio beacon station.

A flat-roofed cottage housed the Principal Keeper, and an additional four bunk bedroom was made available for more staff.

Photo: Patrick Tubby

The station would transmit the morse code CN several times before a continuous tone.  This would enable ships to find their bearing from the signal’s direction.

The Keeper made three regular calls from the station at 9.15 am, 2.15 pm and 6.00 pm. Keepers could also make emergency calls during additional hours when the keepers would monitor the line.

By 1956 an additional cottage had been built for a permanent Assistant Keeper.

radio beacon station
Photo: Patrick Tubby

Communication channels probably continued with Chicken Rock Lighthouse until fire broke out in 1960.

By 1975 the station was being monitored by a single Attendant.

Keepers stationed at the new Calf of Man Lighthouse sometimes used the cottages at Cregneash as a shore station.

The radio beacon station was discontinued in March 1992 and the cottages were sold off privately.

From the buildings are good views across to Chicken Rock Lighthouse, and a walk from the parking area leads down to the Chasms, huge cliff crevices. Cregneash National Folk Museum is also nearby with traditional thatched houses.