Port St Mary Shore Station

The Shore Station at Port St Mary provided accommodation for the Lighthouse Keepers and their families for Chicken Rock Lighthouse and later for the new Calf of Man Lighthouse.

When Chicken Rock Lighthouse was built in 1875, the Calf of Man High and Low Lighthouses were decommissioned. Their cottages were then used as a shore base for the Chicken Rock Keepers and their families.

However, following the cottages’ inspection, the Commissioners recommended that the lighthouse shore station be relocated to Port St Mary where the boatmen crew also lived.

Doorway plaque
Detail over the doorway
Photo: Patrick Tubby

The plaque above the main doorway gives the date of 1886, so from this time it is assumed that the families of the Chicken Rock keepers lived here.

Following the automation of Chicken Rock Lighthouse in 1962, the new Calf of Man Lighthouse was established in 1968. The shore station was then used for the families of the Calf of Man Lighthouse.

The building was probably extended in the 1950s when separate kitchens and internal bathrooms were installed to a lot of the Northern Lighthouse Board’s older properties.

Shore station
Photo: Patrick Tubby

Following the automation of the Calf of Man Lighthouse in 1995, the cottages were sold off privately.

The shore station is located next to St Mary’s Church, close to the harbour. The buildings form part of the Port St Mary Heritage Trail.