Banff Lighthouse

Banff Lighthouse

The harbour at Banff came into use around 1625 when rocks were cleared from Guthrie’s Haven to what is now known as the Inner Basin.

In 1770 further improvements were carried out by John Smeaton, and again by Thomas Telford in 1818 when the north breakwater was built.  The herring fishing trade increased during this time, but fishing vessels began to move from Banff to nearby Macduff as Banff regularly silted up.

Banff harbour

Banff Lighthouse was established in 1832, and today it has a modern light on the top of its lantern. It is located on the north pier.

Today Banff is a haven for leisure craft, with a popular marina.

Established: 1832, Current tower: 1933
Light Character: Fl W 4 s