Suther Ness Lighthouse

Suther Ness Lighthouse

Suther Ness Lighthouse can be found on the north side of the harbour at Brough on the northern coast of Whalsay.

The ferry from the mainland usually departs from Laxo to the fishing community of Symbister on Whalsay. From here, the ferry continues to Out Skerries

Whalsay is only five miles long and two miles wide.  Suther Ness Lighthouse is a minor light, the second to be located here.  The original tower is now situated outside the front of the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses in Fraserburgh.

Suther Ness Lighthouse 1
The original lighthouse at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses

There is evidence of a landing stage, and the base of the previous tower, which has been replaced with the modern lighthouse box nearby. 

Suther Ness Lighthouse
Evidence of the previous lighthouse and landing stage

Suther Ness affords great views of the sound. 

Further round the island is Britain’s most northerly golf course.  Some of the larger houses belong to fishermen who own the pelagic trawlers. Near the ferry terminal and harbour is Symbister Ness minor light, which can be accessed across a grassy hill and quarry.

Suther Ness Lighthouse
Established: 1904 (first tower)
Engineer: David A and Charles Stevenson (first tower)
Tower Height: 7 metres
Light Character: Fl W R G 3s
Elevation: 10 metres