Shoreham Lighthouse

Shoreham Lighthouse
Photo © Shazz (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Shoreham Lighthouse is on the main road near Kingston Beach and the Lifeboat station.  It marks the inner harbour and the mouth of the River Ardur.  The lighthouse works with the front light at the end of the middle pier.  This is on the tower on the top of the Port Authority watchtower.

Shoreham dates back to pre-Roman times.   It was an important town due to the role of the River Adur.  The Normans recognised its significance after the Battle of Hastings. They secured a major port upstream at Bramber and established New Shoreham in the 11th century because it was closer to the English Channel.

Shoreham harbour
Photo © Shazz (cc-by-sa/2.0)

The River Adur flows eastward into the harbour and the English Channel. The mouth of the river gradually shifted eastward during the 17th and 18th centuries, restricting access to the port.

In 1816 the entrance to the harbour was excavated, forming a cut and securing the position of the river. 

With the rapid growth of nearby Brighton and Worthing, the railway arrived in Shoreham by 1840. 

Shoreham Lighthouse was built in 1846 and had a black lantern.  The 46 feet high tower was unpainted.  The lantern was refurbished in 1985. 

Shoreham Lighthouse

Shoreham Fort was built in 1857 as part of a chain of defences along the coastline from a potential invasion by the French.

The town became a seaport, and several shipyards operated from here.  There is still a commercial harbour today. 

Two breakwaters were built at the harbour entrance in 1957 to protect the harbour entrance from a shingle build-up.

In 1957 the two breakwaters were built in front of the harbour entrance and a 10ft high concrete column was built on each end. The east breakwater displays a green flashing light, and the west displays a red flashing light.

The lighthouse can be easily found on Brighton Road, adjacent to the car park and Lifeboat station.

Established: 1846
Tower Height: 12 metres
Light Character: Fl W 10s
Light Range: 15 miles
Elevation: 13 metres