Trinity’s Lightship, Haslar Marina

Trinitys Lightship Haslar

Trinity’s Lightship was the former LV1 Lightvessel, established in 1946. She was decommissioned in 1993.

Her station history between 1946 to 1993 is as follows: Royal Sovereign, Tongue, Outer Gabbard, Smiths Knoll, Shambles, Sevenstones, Shipwash, Humber, Galloper, Owers, Varne, Cross Sand, Dudgeon, East Goodwin, Dowsing.

LV1 was sold in October 1993 to Dean & Reddyhoff, Gosport for conversion into Trinity’s Lightship, a bar and restaurant in Haslar Marina and painted green and renamed Mary Mouse II after the director’s wives Mary Reddyhoff and Joanna (Mouse) Dean.

The restaurant closed in 2021, but she was later taken under new management, who have now reopened her as a luxury dining venue once more.

Established: 1946
Discontinued: 1993