Sennen Cove Shore Station

Sennen Shore Station

The Sennen Cove Shore Station was the former accommodation for the lighthouse keepers and their families of Longships Lighthouse.

Originally, the keepers on Longships came from St Just, embarking at Priest’s Cove at Cape Cornwall, about a mile west of St Just. In August 1855 the Board of Trade were asked to sanction the building of keepers’ accommodation with a boat and storehouse at Sennen Cove. The storehouse still exists in the heart of the village.

Sennen boathouse
Former boathouse and store at Sennen Cove

In the 1870s, when conditions prevented work on the reef, a terrace of four cottages was built on the cliffs above Sennen Cove. These housed the off-duty keepers and their families. As the lighthouse was in direct line of sight from the cottages, a white border was painted around the doorway of the lighthouse. This means that the keepers could signal by semaphore to their wives at the cottages ashore.

This video shows the Lighthouse Keepers from Longships Lighthouse signalling to their wives at the Sennen Cove Shore Station