Teignmouth Lighthouse

Teignmouth Lighthouse

Teignmouth Lighthouse is located at the end of the promenade.

The harbour at Teignmouth was fairly small until around 1843 when a new canal was cut. Hackney Cut was built for clay barges needing to access the mining area around Kingsteignton. Clay was then exported to Teignmouth.

The seaside town of Teignmouth is a fishing port, and trade grew from fishing associated with the Newfoundland cod industry. Further expansion of the resort continued with the opening of the South Devon Railway in 1846.

Until 1852 Teignmouth was part of the Port of Exeter, but from that time it came under independent operation.

Teignmouth at night

The entrance to Teignmouth is very hazardous with dangerous currents, rocks and shifting sand bars.

A pair of leading lights was built in 1845. The front range light was built with assistance from the Earl of Devon. This unpainted tower was built of local grey sandstone and has a blue lantern on top.

The lighthouse was lit using three gas burners with reflectors and displayed a fixed red light.

The rear range light is 100 feet away and has a fixed red light on a street pole in front of the Lynton House Hotel in Powderham Terrace. It is known as the Back Light, and assists vessels in clearing the Ness Rocks.

Sector lights on the Ness headland guide vessels into the river entrance. A 15 feet high metal white column is located on the training wall on the southern side of the entrance to the river.

Lucette Beacon
Lucette Beacon

This is the Philip Lucette Beacon. The Lucette beacon is on the Shaldon side of the harbour mouth and marks the dredged channel when lined up with a red beacon.

At the entrance to the harbour is a green lattice steel tower called Point Light, displaying an occulting green light.

Teignmouth harbour

Teignmouth Harbour Lighthouse is maintained by the Teignmouth Harbour Authority.

It is easily accessible by the car park.

Established: 1845
Tower Height: 6 metres
Light Character: Fixed Red
Light Range: 6 miles
Elevation: 10 metres