Newhaven Lighthouse

West Pier

Newhaven Lighthouse is located on the west pier of Newhaven Harbour.  It marks the mouth of the River Ouse.

As the port of nearby Seaford began to silt up, a new port developed in Newhaven by the mid-16th century.  The town developed further in 1847 with the arrival of the railway.

The harbour was improved in the 1880s, and two piers were built, each with a light at the end.

Old lighthouse on west pier
Newhaven West Pier Lighthouse circa June 1953
Photo: John Frost Collection

Newhaven Lighthouse was built in 1883 at the end of the western pier.  The lighthouse was damaged in 1976 when the west pier almost collapsed.  It was demolished, but its lantern was saved and was relocated to Paradise Park.  More recent reports state it is now in a bad state of repair.

A signal tower stood alongside the lighthouse displaying a storm warning cone. The cone indicated whether the storm was a northerly or southerly wind by the direction it was pointing.

The cone and weather vane from the lighthouse are now at the Maritime Museum in Newhaven.

Following dismantling, the tower stood on the Southdown Road site at Tideway School (now Seahaven Academy).  But in 2000, it was dismantled after being deemed unsafe.

Newhaven east
Former East Pier Lighthouse circa June 1953
Photo: John Frost Collection

On the eastern pier, a 40ft high wooden lattice tower was constructed at its end in 1883.  A 41ft high steel lattice tower replaced it in 1928, displaying a flashing green light.  A white-painted wooden lookout was built in the upper part of the tower.

In 2002 the Newhaven Harbour Authority planned to demolish the light due to vandalism. It was given a reprieve, but by 2006 the tower had to be demolished, and a circular white steel pole with three green bands replaced it.

East Lighthouse
The current east pier lighthouse
Photo © Peter Jeffery (cc-by-sa/2.0)

In 1891 the breakwater was built, and a 45ft high cast iron lighthouse with two red bands was erected at the end.

West Pier Lighthouse

Within the inner harbour, two sets of lights on poles mark the entry.  A channel marker is also in a wooden shed on Fort Road on the western side of the channel. 

Harbour Light

A good way to see the lighthouse is from the Newhaven to Dieppe Ferry.

The East Pier is accessible. The western breakwater lighthouse is not accessible from the entrance to the harbour arm, but there are spectacular waves here during stormy weather.

Established: 1883, Current tower: 1891
Tower Height: 14 metres
Light Character: Oc (2) W 10 s
Light Range: 12 miles
Elevation: 17 metres