LV55 John Sebastian

LV55 John Sebastian
LV55 John Sebastian
Photo © David Hallam-Jones (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Lightvessel LV55 John Sebastian was built in 1885. She was built by Charles Hill and Sons, Albion Yard Bristol for Trinity House and was one of three vessels built here: LV54, 55 and 59.

Following her decommissioning, she was sold for scrap in 1954 at Portishead. Her lantern and metal fixings were removed and she was beached and burned at New Passage and left derelict.

The Cabot Cruising Club in Bristol were looking for a new club venue at the time when LV55 was discovered in Portishead Dock. She was of interest to some of the members who had delivered groceries and papers to the crew when she had been in service.

LV55 Bathurst Basin
LV55 in Bathurst Basin
Photo © Dr Duncan Pepper (cc-by-sa/2.0)

The club purchased her in 1954 for £275, and the burned-out hull was gradually restored and opened in 1959.  She now resides in Bathurst Basin as part of the clubhouse.

LV55 was renamed John Sebastian after the father and son who set sail from Bristol to begin their voyage of discovery.  She is one of the few wooden lightvessels remaining.  

The vessel weighs 274 tons and is approximately 102ft metres long and 24 feet wide with a double-skinned hull.

Established: 1885
Discontinued: 1954