LV23 Planet Lightvessel

LV23 Planet Lightvessel
LV23 at the Historic Warships Museum, Birkenhead

LV23 was built in 1960 by Philip & Son Dartmouth as Planet for the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board.

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She started her service at Bar station in Liverpool Bay (1960-1972). On 4th September 1972, she was sold to Trinity House.   She was renamed LV23 and subsequently stationed at Kentish Knock, Varne and Channel.  

LV23 was the last manned lightvessel on the Channel station. She was demanned on 10 June 1989.  Following decommissioning, the vessel was sold into private ownership in July 1991. She returned to Liverpool in 1992 and was located for a time at the Historic Warships Museum, Birkenhead.

LV23 Planet later served as a restaurant and nightclub before being towed to Sharpness Docks in September 2016.  She is currently impounded here.  

The vessel also appeared in the first series of the BBC drama His Dark Materials, minus her lantern (fortunately not removed in real life!)

LV23 Planet Lightvessel
Former Planet Lightvessel in her current location, Sharpness Docks

Also at Sharpness is a former harbour lighthouse near the entrance to the harbour. The UK Lighthouse Tour website has a close up photo of the mini lighthouse.

Established: 1960
Discontinued: circa 1990
Automated: June 1989