Garreg Pharos

Garreg Pharos
Photo © Mike Searle (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Located near Whitford at the highest point of the land can be found the Garreg Pharos, what is thought to be a Roman Pharos, or lighthouse.

Today the land is surrounded by trees, but from the summit views could be made out to Anglesey, the Dee and Mersey estuaries and the Isle of Man on a clear day.

The Romans are thought to have placed a Pharos here to navigate from Deva (Chester) along the channel of Seteia Portus – an estuary within the Dee, which has long since silted up.

The tower had two floors linked by a staircase. On the upper level were eight small square windows through which the lights were displayed to make them distinctive “lest they should be mistaken by seamen for a star”.

In 1897 the landowner, Lord Mostyn restored the building to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the reign of Queen Victoria.

A plaque on the tower reads:

This Roman Pharos was restored by Llewellyn Baron Mostyn in commemoration of the 60th year of the glorious reign of Victoria, Queen and Empress. June 20th 1897