Fugla Ness Lighthouse

Fugla Ness Lighthouse
Photo: Patrick Tubby

Fugla Ness Lighthouse is located near Hamnavoe, on West Burra, one of the Scalloway Islands.

A lighthouse was first established at Fugla Ness in 1893, designed by David A Stevenson.  It was replaced by a new tower in 1936, 26 feet high, designed by David A and Charles Stevenson.

To reach the lighthouse, it is possible to walk from Hamnavoe around the bay, across beaches and some large boulders.

Fugla Ness
Photo: Patrick Tubby

The island is linked to Scalloway via several bridges.

At Scalloway, look for the Shetland Bus memorial, dedicated to those during the Second World War who worked with the Norwegians.

Shetland Bus Memorial
The Shetland Bus Memorial in Scalloway

As German forces invaded Norway during the Second World War, many Norwegians escaped to Shetland in fishing boats.  A covert operation was set up to help transport refugees between the UK and Norway. Many of the Norwegian boats that had escaped were used during the transportation which became known as the Shetland Bus.

The memorial is placed on a plinth of rocks taken from the birthplaces of 44 Norwegian crew members who died during the Shetland Bus operation. Their names are listed on the plaque at the base of the sculpture. 

The story of the Shetland Bus is told at the nearby Scalloway Museum.

Point of Pund Lighthouse
Point of the Pund Lighthouse
Photo: Patrick Tubby

Also at Scalloway, parking near Da Haaf Restaurant is another good walk to the Point of the Pund minor light. A gate from the end of the road at Port Arthur leads to the route.

Fugla Ness LighthouseEstablished: 1936 Discontinued: Engineer: Tower Height: 8 metres Light Character: Fl (2) W R G 10 s Range: W 10 miles, R G 7 miles Fog Signal: Elevation: 20 metres Automated:
Point of the Pund LighthouseEstablished: Discontinued: Engineer: Tower Height: 3 metres Light Character: Fl W R G 5 s Range: W 11 miles, R G 8 miles Fog Signal: Elevation: 20 metres Automated: