Fife Ness Lighthouse

Fife Ness

Fife Ness Lighthouse is a squat, flat structure, established in 1975, located next to the Coastguard station. It is easily accessed through the Crail Golf Club.

The lighthouse was built to replace the last in a series of lightvessels guarding the North Carr rocks. This was the last ‘traditional’ lighthouse (ie with an enclosed lantern) built in Britain. Despite its obvious 1970s architecture, the light still comes from a fixed prismatic optic illuminant itself 3.5kW lamp.

Fife Ness Lighthouse

It was built as an automatic lighthouse. The optic used was removed from Stoer Head Lighthouse and reused at the lighthouse.

Just offshore from Fife Ness here is the North Carr Beacon, built in 1821, replacing an earlier buoy placed here in 1809. Evidence of the construction site is just around the corner from the lighthouse.

Established: 1975
Engineer: P H Hyslop
Tower Height: 5 metres
Light Character: Iso W R 10 s
Light Range: W 15 miles, R 12 miles
Elevation: 12 metres