Douglas Harbour Lighthouses

Douglas Harbour lighthouses
Douglas Harbour Lighthouses: Battery Pier and Douglas Head Lighthouse behind

There have been a number of lighthouses within Douglas Harbour.

The earliest record of lights being displayed in Douglas date back as early as 1671 and various breakwaters and piers with lights have guided vessels safely into the harbour. Several jetty lights still mark the harbour.

In the 18th century, a pier was established at the southern end of the bay. However, a storm destroyed a large section of the jetty and the brick lighthouse at the end. For a while, a light was attached to a pole at the end of the shortened pier.

Douglas Harbour
Douglas Harbour: Battery Pier to the far right

By 1793 the 540ft long Red Pier was built. Three years later a 35ft high lighthouse was built. The lantern housed four Argand burners with parabolic reflectors. The optic was removed and improved in 1897. The Red Pier was later replaced, but this was destroyed in 1867.

Battery Pier Lighthouse

Battery Pier was built in 1879, with a lighthouse at the end of the wall.

The current harbour light, a white tower with a red band, was built on Battery Pier in the 1960s and is still operational.

Battery Pier Lighthouse
Battery Pier Lighthouse

Tower of Refuge

At the entrance to the harbour is the Tower of Refuge, a castellated tower on a submerged reef. It was built in 1832 by Sir William Hillary, founder of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. A statue of Hillary is located at the top of Douglas Head

Tower of Refuge, Douglas Harbour