Derbyhaven Breakwater Lighthouse

In 1842 a breakwater was built to protect the harbour of Derbyhaven and a lighthouse was built at the end in 1850.

Derbyhaven forms a sheltered harbour.  On the eastern side of the harbour is Derby Fort, dating from the 17th century when the port was thriving.

In 1850 a beacon was erected at Fort Island in Derbyhaven. Initially, this was lit only during the herring season to guide the fishermen back to Castletown, but later it was exhibited throughout the year. However, by 1860 the local community could no longer afford to keep it lit every night, so once again it was only displayed during the fishing season.

Derbyhaven Breakwater
Photo: Patrick Tubby

The Herring Tower at Dreswick Point near Langness Point was also built in 1811 for the herring fishermen.

The current lighthouse was built in 1946. The tower itself is no longer operational and has been replaced by an LED tower close by.

It is possible to walk out to the breakwater at low water, but great care must be taken not to get cut off by the tide.

There is a good walk along the Langness peninsula from Derbyhaven.

Established: 1946
Light Character: Iso G 2 s
Light Range: 5 miles
Elevation: 5 metres