Beaulieu Millennium Beacon

Beaulieu Millennium Beacon

Beaulieu Millennium Beacon is located at the entrance to the Beaulieu River and is one of the newest lighthouses in the UK.

The Millennium Beacon is located within the grounds of Lepe House, in the Beaulieu Estate.  It was established in 2000 to mark the entrance to the Beaulieu River.

The 25 feet high lighthouse was designed along the lines of a traditional lighthouse and has a sectored light visible for 3 miles. 

Unveiling of lighthouse
The Millennium Beacon prior to unveiling

The lighthouse was named the Beaulieu Millennium Beacon to commemorate its establishment in 2000.  The inauguration took place on Saturday 8th July 2000. Mrs Mary Fagan JP, Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire, unveiled the new lighthouse, which was adorned with a union flag. After this, a ceremonial cannon was fired along with maroons, observed by a flotilla of yachts that had mustered in the Beaulieu River.

A plaque to commemorate the lighthouse was mounted on the side of the tower.

Beaulieu Plaque

The Millennium Beacon was one of eight projects organised by the Beaulieu community to celebrate the arrival of the 21st century.  Hon William Peace agreed to the Beacon being built on the grounds of his home at Lepe House.  This particular project is said to have cost £35,000.

Millennium Beacon

The Beaulieu River is a natural shelter where the Solent meets the New Forest.  Further upstream is Buckler’s Hard Yacht Haven and Maritime Museum

The river runs alongside the southeastern shores of the Beaulieu Estate, one of the few privately owned estuaries in the world.  The Montagu family have been custodians for over four centuries.   Near the village of Beaulieu is the National Motor Museum.

The lighthouse is in private grounds, but is easily visible from the road. Lepe Country Park car park is a short distance away.

Established: July 2000
Tower Height: 8 metres
Light Character: Dir Oc W R G 4 s
Light Range: W 4 miles, R G 3 miles
Elevation: 13 metres