Amlwch Lighthouse

Amlwch Lighthouse

The current Amlwch Lighthouse is the fourth lighthouse to be built in the harbour. It is located on the outer pier of the old harbour.

The earliest records of port movements date to around 1730. Vessels loaded corn, butter and cheese, and the Liverpool Pilot boats lay offshore, ready to assist passing ships.

With the rediscovery of copper at Parys Mountain in 1762, the small harbour became one of the busiest ports in Wales, and the copper mine became one of the largest in Europe. 

The harbour at Amlwch was improved when two small piers were built. Two octagonal buildings were erected with lanterns exhibited from the roof.

Amlwch Lighthouse

With the increase in trade, an outer pier was built in 1816 to provide further shelter for the harbour. A lighthouse was built at the end the following year, displaying a fixed white light. This was also used as a watchtower. In 1835 the lighthouse was altered and replaced in 1853 by the current lighthouse.   Its lantern was added later.

A new fixed light was erected at the new dock in 1972 for the Liverpool Pilots. Their boats and workshops moved from Point Lynas to Amlwch, and it is possible that the lighthouse was discontinued around the same time.

Nearby, at Amlwch Cemetery, is a memorial lighthouse gravestone.

Established: 1817, Current tower: 1853
Discontinued: circa 1972-3
Tower Height: 11 metres