Scurdie Ness Lighthouse

Scurdie Ness

At the entrance to Montrose harbour stands the tall white tower of Scurdie Ness Lighthouse. 

Scurdie Ness Cottages
The former Lighthouse Keepers’ cottages

Originally known as Montroseness, the lighthouse was established in 1870 to the design of David and Thomas Stevenson.  It was first lit on 1st March 1870.

The area around the lighthouse is low-lying, and with no cliff on which to elevate the tower, the structure is an impressive 128ft tall, with 170 steps to the top.

Scurdie Ness daymark
The two daymarks in front of Scurdie Ness Lighthouse

During World War 2 it is reported that the lighthouse was painted grey as a disguise, using a mixture of limewash and ash.

An LED lamp was installed in January 2018.

Montrose Harbour Lights

On the opposite side of the River Esk are two leading lights that guide vessels into the harbour. Originally both these lights were carried on conventional lighthouses. The rear harbour light remains. However, the front light was demolished and replaced by a concrete pile light in the 1970s.

Montrose Rear Lighthouse
Montrose Rear Lighthouse
Established: 1870
Engineer: David and Thomas Stevenson
Tower Height: 39 metres
Light Character: Fl (3) W 20 s
Light Range: 20 miles
Elevation: 38 metres
Automated: 1987
Montrose Harbour Rear LighthouseEstablished: Established 1818 Discontinued: Engineer: Tower Height: 19 metres Light Character: Fixed Red Range: Fog Signal: Elevation: 18 metres Automated: