Oban Shore Station

Oban Shore Station
The distinctive row of former lighthouse families’ accommodation

Further up the hill from the NLB Oban Lighthouse Depot is Pulpit Rock, the shore station that housed lighthouse keepers and their families. There is a distinctive row of maisonette houses, each with its own entrance. 

As the automation programme developed, other families moved in from different stations. In addition, Glenmore House near Pulpit Hill also housed some of the lighthouse families.

Glenmore House Oban Shore Station
Glenmore House

From 1844 the Skerryvore families lived at the Hynish Shore Station on Tiree. In 1892 the signal tower was discontinued. The families then moved to Erraid to join the Dubh Artach families until 1952, when they all moved to Pulpit Rock in Oban.  Dubh Artach Lighthouse was automated in 1971, and Skerryvore Lighthouse in 1994.

The families from Hyskeir Lighthouse were housed at Glenmore Road between 1904 and 1965 and then relocated to Pulpit Hill from 1965 to 1997. Hyskeir Lighthouse was automated in 1997.

The Lismore lighthouse families lived at Pulpit Rock between 1952 and 1965 when the lighthouse was automated. 

Pulpit Hill

The families from Barra Head Lighthouse lived in Oban from 1952 to around 1980. Between 1952 and 1975, the families of Ushenish Lighthouse lived here.

At Pladda Lighthouse, the families lived at Main Road in Lamlash but later moved to the Oban Shore Station and remained here until automation around 1991.

The Rhinns of Islay Lighthouse families originally lived in Birch Drive, Bowmore and later moved to Pulpit Rock in 1991 until automation in 1998.

The Sanda Lighthouse families moved to the shore station at Oban in 1991 from their accommodation in Campbeltown.


Pulpit Hill is located on the southern side of Oban Bay, and from the summit are some spectacular views across to the Firth of Lorn.

Following automation, the Northern Lighthouse Board sold off the houses, which are now private residences.