Newhaven Harbour Lighthouse

Newhaven Harbour

Newhaven Harbour Lighthouse is located on the northern breakwater of the harbour. There have been two lighthouses marking the north breakwater of Newhaven Harbour.

The original lighthouse was built around 1830. It is located halfway along the breakwater of Newhaven harbour, a smaller stone tower with a domed roof.

Newhaven Lighthouse

The second Newhaven Harbour Lighthouse was established in 1869 and built by James Dove and Company, Edinburgh. It is a 50-foot-high octagonal cast-iron tower.

The lighthouse was decommissioned in 1930.

In 2018 the lighthouse was relit by Forth Ports, with colour-changing LEDs for decorative purposes.

Newhaven Harbour
Established: 1830 (1), 1869 (2)
Discontinued: 1930, re-lit 2018 (not for navigational purposes)