LV87 Lightvessel

LV87 Levington

LV87 was built in 1932 by J A Inglis of Glasgow. She was the first lightvessel to have a lattice tower rather than a tube supporting the lantern.

Station history: 1932-1973: East Goodwin, Mid Barrow, Cromer


In 1973 she was sold to Suffolk Yacht Harbour, Levington (known then as Levington Marina). Her lantern was removed and taken to the Inner Dowsing station, and a replacement lantern was obtained from former LV88 which was located in Norwich at the time.

The vessel remains in the ownership of Suffolk Yacht Harbour and is leased to Haven Ports Yacht Club.

The owners continue to maintain and repair the vessel, and the club also help with painting.

Historical photos of LV87 can be found on the Lightvessels and Lightships Facebook page.

Established: 1932
Discontinued: 1973