LV16 Inner Dowsing Lightship

Lightship 16
Photo: Roy Thompson

LV16 is the oldest surviving wooden lightvessel, and served on the Inner Dowsing station.

She was built in 1840 by William Pitcher, Northfleet, and decommissioned in 1945.

Between 1840 – 1945 LV16 served on Spurn, Calshot Spit, and Inner Dowsing stations.

In 1945 she was sold by Trinity House to Benfleet Yacht Club, and in 1983 transferred to berth at Medway Bridge Marina. The vessel was opened as private members club in 1984.


Between 1989-2008 she was used as Inner Dowsing Bar and Restaurant at Medway Bridge Marina in Rochester. Her hull remains. The mast, lantern and most deck and interior fittings were removed to provide accommodation. One of her former lamps is now located at the front door of Greenwich Maritime Museum in London.

In 2009 Lightship 16 as she became known was sold and renovated, and now provides accommodation.



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Established: 1840
Discontinued: 1945