National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

Greenwich Maritime Museum
The Tarbat Ness optic is visible to the left of the entrance

The National Maritime Museum is located within the grounds of the Greenwich Royal Park in London. The Royal Hospital School formerly occupied the building.

Tarbat Ness optic

The museum was established in 1934. It was formally opened by King George VI on 27th April 1937, accompanied by his daughter Princess Elizabeth.

The former optic from Tarbat Ness Lighthouse is on display at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.

Former Tarbat Ness optic

The museum has a wealth of information on maritime history, navigation and the sea. Collections include ships, models and paintings. Exhibitions and events take place regularly.

Lighthouse window

You can see the lighthouse optic alongside the Great Map Cafe on the first floor.

In 1675 King Charles II founded the Royal Observatory. Since 1884 it has been the home of Greenwich Mean Time and the Prime Meridian, and clocks are set to this measurement.

Mitchell lighthouse
Model of Mitchell’s screw-pile lighthouse

Other sites as part of the Royal Museums Greenwich include the Cutty Sark historic sailing ship and Royal Observatory.