LV15 Trinity Lightvessel, Tollesbury


LV15 was built in 1954.

Service history: 1954 – 1986 – Morecambe Bay, Scarweather, Breaksea, Channel, St Gowan, Helwick, Dudgeon.

LV15 served for a while as Breaksea Lightvessel in the Bristol Channel. She was withdrawn from this station in mid-1978 and towed to the Trinity House Depot in Swansea for refurbishment. Following her refurbishment she was moved to the Channel station.

Breaksea Lightship 15
LV15 at the Trinity House Depot, Swansea July 1978
Photo: Brian Mills

In 1988 following her retirement, a tender was accepted by Trinity House from Fellowship Afloat.

The lightship was moved to Tollesbury, Essex, and renamed Trinity in 1991, and is the base for Fellowship Afloat, providing outdoor adventure and activities.

  • Length: 42 metres

Established: 1952
Discontinued: 1987