Helliar Holm Lighthouse

Helliar Holm Lighthouse

Helliar Holm Lighthouse is located off the southern coast of Shapinsay in Orkney.  The island is a tidal island and it is possible to walk from the mainland during very low tides.

The lighthouse was established in 1893 and was designed by Charles and David A Stevenson. It was manned until its automation in 1967.

Originally it was planned to build the lighthouse on an island between Kirkwall Bay and Shapinsay, called Thieves Holm.  the island of Thieves Holm is thought to have been used as a place to banish thieves and witches.

Helliar Holm

Following automation, the lighthouse was passed on Orkney Council.  Orkney Marine Services are responsible for the maintenance of the lighthouse.

The former lighthouse optic is now located at the Northern Lighthouse Board Headquarters in George Street Edinburgh.

Stevenson Room
Helliar Holm Lighthouse optic in the Stevenson Room at the NLB Headquarters

There are the remains of a broch cairn and chapel on the island.

Established: 1893
Engineer: David A and Charles Stevenson
Tower Height: 13 metres
Light Character: Fl W R G 10s
Light Range: W 14 miles, R G 11 miles
Elevation: 34 metres