Stromness Museum

Stromness Museum is located in Alfred Street, a short distance from the former Northern Lighthouse Board Depot. It has a range of exhibitions and online collections.

The museum opened in December 1837. It was initially located on Victoria Street and remained there for seventeen years. The collection was temporarily relocated to Captain A Flett’s Commercial Hotel on Victoria Street.

The current museum building at 52 Alfred Street was built in 1858 and officially opened on 29th December 1862. Initially, the Town Hall occupied the ground floor, but it was relocated in the 1920s, offering more space for the collection to grow. In the 1990s, the Pilot’s House at the back of the building was added to incorporate further collections.

Stromness was once the base for the Hudson’s Bay Company, and many Orcadians were recruited.

On the way from the harbour to the Museum, you will see blue plaques, and you can follow the Blue Plaque Trail.

Hoy Low Optic at Stromness Museum
Hoy Low Optic on display at the museum

Stromness Museum has a range of collections, including natural and maritime history. Of particular interest is the section on Orcadian lighthouses. The museum has several lighthouse artefacts, as well as interesting and informative archives and photographs on display.

The former optic from Hoy Low lighthouse is on display.

Artefacts from the lighthouse collection include a model of Chicken Rock Lighthouse, winged brass trumpeters from Hoy Low Lighthouse Graemsay, an NLB dinner plate, a paraffin lamp used at Pentland Skerries, a sundial from Sule Skerry Lighthouse, a table from the service room at Hoy High Lighthouse and a ventilator cover from North Ronaldsay Lighthouse.