Flannan Isles Shore Station

Flannan Isles Shore Station

The former shore station for the families of the Flannan Isles Keepers is located at Breasclete on the island of Lewis.  Flannan Isle Lighthouse is located around 20 miles offshore.

The lighthouse keepers’ accommodation was built in 1899 at the same time as the lighthouse.  It was designed by David Alan and Charles Stevenson.  The location was chosen for its close proximity to Loch Roag, a sea loch providing safe anchorage for the lighthouse tender.

Four families in total lived in the self-contained apartments, each had its own entrance.

The first four families to live at the Flannan Isles shore station were those of Principal Keeper James Ducat and Assistants William Ross, Thomas Marshall and Joseph Moore. The Occasional Keeper, Donald MacArthur lived nearby. 

James Ducat and Thomas Marshall were living at the accommodation with their families when they disappeared from Flannan Isle in December 1900.  Keeper Ducat left a widow and four children and Keepers Marshall and MacArthur left a widow and two children.

Flannan Isles Lighthouse was automated in 1971.


The property was acquired by Hebridean Housing Partnership in 2006.  They rented out the apartments for social housing.  In November 2015 the Housing Partnership decided to sell the listed building.  Following a local campaign, the local community took over the building in 2019. 

The building, known locally as An Taigh Mor, was purchased as a community buyout.  They had assistance from grants and funding from the local council. In the same year, 2019 The Princess Royal visited the house and unveiled a new memorial to the keepers.

Not far from Breasclete are the famous Callanish Standing Stones.