Sula Sgeir Lighthouse

Sula Sgeir Lighthouse is located on the remote island of Sula Sgeir, around forty miles north of the island of Lewis.

At the southern end of the island at Sron na Lice is the automatic lighthouse. 

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The island is well-known for its gannet population and the annual guga hunt.  It has a place in history with the men of Ness on Lewis.  Each year ten men from Ness sail to Sula Sgeir with a special sanction to cull 2,000 young gannets or gugas.  The numbers are strictly controlled.

The gugas are a local delicacy, preserved in salt, and to be eaten, they have to be boiled.

There is a small temple on the island, said to be lived by the occupant of the island of Rona.  There are five stone bothies which provide shelter for the guga hunters.

The guga hunt featured in Peter May’s novel The Blackhouse, though the island was named An Skerr, it was based on Sula Sgeir.

Tower Height: 5 metres
Light Character: Fl W 15 s
Light Range: 11 miles
Elevation: 74 metres