Sgeir Bhuidhe Lighthouse

Sgeir Bhuidhe Lighthouse

Sgeir Bhuidhe Lighthouse is located off Port Appin. The island is on the western side of Loch Linnhe, just across from the island of Lismore.

Sgeir Bhuide means yellow skerry, or rocky island, named after the yellow lichen growing on the rocks.

The original lighthouse was established in 1903 by David A Stevenson.  It was powered using acetylene gas, and a lantern was mounted on top of the gas storage cylinder.

Sgeir Bhuidhe

Replacement Lighthouse

In 2001 the Northern Lighthouse Board announced their intention to replace the original lighthouse.  They proposed to install a modern flat-pack style fibreglass structure.  However, this caused much controversy in the village and made headline news. The local residents protested about the new structure. It was secretly painted in 2001 by a local team of protesters.  They painted the tower and its adjoining storage box pink with yellow spots.  A board hung from it saying “Save Me”, and it became known as the Mr Blobby Lighthouse.

The Northern Lighthouse Board were less amused, flying in paint by helicopter to get it restored.  A Notice to Mariners also had to be issued until they restored it to its previous condition.

Following discussions with the local Historical Society, Community Council and residents, the Northern Lighthouse Board agreed to reconsider plans for the lighthouse. 

The original lighthouse was replaced in 2002 by a new lighthouse built of fibreglass.

Sgeir Bhuidhe Lantern
The former lantern, now located in Port Appin

The top lantern from the original Sgeir Bhuidhe Lighthouse was donated to the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses by the Northern Lighthouse Board. They loaned it to the community of Port Appin. Inside the lantern are information displays and the history of the village and the lighthouse.  There is also a small model of the original lighthouse.

The lantern is located outside the village hall in Port Appin, and the current tower can be seen just offshore.

Established: 1903, Current tower: 2002
Engineer: David A Stevenson
Tower Height: 8 metres
Light Character: Fl 2 W R 7s
Light Range: 9 miles
Elevation: 8 metres