River Ouse Lighthouses

Whitgift Lighthouse, River Ouse
Whitgift Lighthouse, River Ouse
Photo © Steve Fareham (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Although many lights and beacons guide vessels along the River Ouse, two lighthouses are of particular note: Whitgift Lighthouse and Apex Old (Trent Falls) Lighthouse.

Two main rivers empty their waters into the River Humber.

The River Ouse is a continuation of the River Ure, which combined makes it 129 miles long. Alone, the River Ouse is about 52 miles long.

From Linton-on-Ouse, the river flows through York, Selby and Goole, joining with the River Trent at Trent Falls before entering the Humber Estuary.

The River Trent runs for around 95 miles from Trent Falls, where it meets the River Humber near the village of Faxfleet. The navigable river still carries a considerable amount of commercial traffic – especially in its lower reaches.

Whitgift Lighthouse

Located along the southern bank of the River Ouse, Whitgift Lighthouse is a white painted wooden tower on top of a circular concrete plinth.

An external LED light on the lantern gallery displays two red flashes every 14 seconds.

Whitgift lighthouse can be clearly seen from the road at Ousefleet Village. Alternatively, you can walk along the embankment from Blacktoft Sands Nature Reserve.

Apex Old Lighthouse (Trent Falls)

The Apex Old Lighthouse was originally located at Trent Falls, where the River Trent and River Ouse converge into the Humber. It was mounted on the training wall and built in 1933 by the Lower Ouse Improvement Trustees.

A fourth-order dioptric optic displayed three flashes every 10 seconds. A white sector was visible for entry into the River Trent, and a red sector was visible for entry to the River Ouse.

Within the tower, a diaphone foghorn blasted once every 12 seconds. An electric siren was used as a backup.
Apex Lighthouse was later discontinued and moved to the Yorkshire Waterways Museum in Goole, which has since closed. The lighthouse was replaced by a steel tube with green flashing light.

Although the Museum at Goole has since closed, the lighthouse is visible along the Dutch River from the road.

Whitgift LighthouseEstablished: Discontinued: Engineer: Tower Height: 14 metres Light Character: Fl (2) R 4 s Range: 5 miles Fog Signal: Elevation: 12 metres Automated:
Apex Old (Trent Falls) LighthouseEstablished: 1933 Discontinued: Yes Engineer: Tower Height: 6 metres Light Character: Range: Fog Signal: Elevation: Automated: