Porthcawl Lighthouse

Porthcawl Lighthouse

Porthcawl Lighthouse is located at the southeast end of the breakwater.  It was the last coal and gas-powered lighthouse in the UK.

Porthcawl developed as a port from 1825 for the coal industry.   However, as trade increased in Barry, the port dwindled at Porthcawl.

In 1860 the lighthouse was established at the end of the breakwater. The hexagonal tapering tower is 30 feet high and is one of two surviving cast-iron lighthouses in Wales.

The light was replaced in 1911 with the current lantern. The new domed roof replaced a previous pitched roof, and an optic manufactured by Chance Brothers was placed on top of the tower.


A fixed white light shines over the channel and there are red and green sectors to the side.

Originally the lighthouse was powered by coal, then later with gas.  In 1974 it was converted to mains gas operation.

Porthcawl Lighthouse was finally electrified in 1997.

Established: 1860
Tower Height: 9 metres
Light Character: Fixed W R G
Light Range: W 6 miles, R G 4 miles
Elevation: 10 metres