The Heugh Lighthouse, Hartlepool

Heugh Lighthouse Hartlepool

Pronounced “Yuff”, the original Heugh Lighthouse was the first to be powered by natural gas produced from local coal mines. It displayed a subsidiary red light lower down the tower depending on the state of the tide.

It was demolished in 1915 as it obstructed the line of fire from the headland battery. A temporary wooden lattice tower was erected on the Town Moor and the lantern and lens from the lighthouse were relocated to the new tower.

Heugh Lighthouse Hartlepool

The current lighthouse replaced the lattice tower in 1927, and the optic from the former light is now on display at the nearby Hartlepool Maritime Experience.

Established: 1847, Current tower: 1927
Tower Height: 13 metres
Light Character: Fl (2) W 10s
Light Range: 19 miles
Elevation: 19 metres