Fishguard North Breakwater Lighthouse

Fishguard Breakwater Lighthouse

Fishguard North Breakwater Lighthouse was built on the end of the breakwater near the ferry terminal. It was first exhibited in August 1906 exhibiting a red light flashing once every five seconds.

The River Gwaun flows into Fishguard Bay and gives the town of Fishguard its Welsh name of Abergwaun (meaning Estuary of the Gwaun).  

Fishguard breakwater was built in 1906 with the opening of Fishguard Harbour.  The Great Western Railway built a railway terminal at nearby Goodwick. A long breakwater was also constructed, enclosing an area of water to the northwest of the old harbour.  This extended from Pen Cw at the north end of the quay.

The first ferry to Rosslare sailed from Fishguard in 1906, and in 1909 the Mauritania called in en route to New York from Liverpool.  This was to be the last of the big liners to stop at Fishguard.

Fishguard North Breakwater

The North Breakwater extended into Fishguard Bay and was later lengthened to about 850 metres.  The octagonal stone tower was built at the end of the breakwater.

A fog bell sounded in poor visibility every 10 seconds.

The eastern breakwater was built around 1913, and the East Breakwater Lighthouse at the end is thought to date around the same time. 

A pair of range marks are sited on the hillside above the ferry terminal.

Fishguard East Breakwater
Fishguard East Breakwater

There is no public access to the North Breakwater lighthouse.  However, the East Breakwater is accessible.

Pen Anglas Fog Signal can be reached via the coastal path.

Established: 1905
Tower Height: 20 metres
Light Character: Fl G 4.5 s
Light Range: 13 miles
Elevation: 18 metres