Dunollie Lighthouse

Dunollie Lighthouse, Oban

Dunollie Lighthouse is at the end of the Corran Esplanade, on the northern side of Oban Harbour, and guides ships from the Firth of Lorne.   Located south of Dunollie Castle, it marks the north entrance to Oban Bay and the Sound of Kerrera. The sheltered Sound of Kerrera separates the island from mainland Oban.

The Corran Ledge is a shallow area along the Oban shoreline, and there are also shallows on the coastline of Kerrera. 

Oban Harbour expanded for commercial and leisure vessels during the late 19th century. As a result, there was an urgent need for improved lighting and buoyage to mark the northern entrance to the harbour.

Dunollie Lighthouse

On 5th November 1886, the Northern Lighthouse Board considered an application for a lighthouse. They noted that over 300 vessels a month were using the anchorages in Oban Bay at the northern end, but they declined the application. But, they recommended a lighthouse near Dunollie Castle to be maintained by the local harbour authority.

Work began on Dunollie Lighthouse in September 1891. Supervised by the Northern Lighthouse Board, the lighthouse came into operation in 1892. It was designed by David A and Charles Stevenson.

The small circular stone tower, 6 metres in height, seems to complement the design of Dunollie Castle. The remains of the castle are close to the lighthouse.


Dunollie Lighthouse was initially powered using town gas and was first lit on 13th February 1892. A gas tank was fitted inside the building. In 1979 collimating screens were fitted; these screens help separate the sector lights and bring each sector light into sharper focus. By 2020 solar panels were powering the lighthouse.

Oban is a busy harbour, bustling with fishing vessels, yachts and ferries. The sector lights enable vessels to identify a safe channel when entering and leaving Oban Bay.

Just across the bay is the Oban Lighthouse Depot.

Established: 1892
Engineer: David A and Charles Stevenson
Tower Height: 6 metres
Light Character: Fl (2) W R G 6 s
Light Range: W 8 miles, R G 6 miles
Elevation: 7 metres