Burry Port Lighthouse

Burry Port Lighthouse

Burry Port Lighthouse is located on the western breakwater of the outer harbour and was built in 1842. The owners of Burry Port Harbour and Commissioners of the Burry Navigation were responsible for its maintenance.

The harbour was designed by Sir Joseph Banks and was established in 1825.

Burry Port marks the entrance of the Loughor estuary, which has strong tidal currents.  It was a small fishing harbour until the industrial revolution.  The coal industry from the Gwendraeth Valley expanded and needed an outlet.  As a result, the Burry Port and Gwendraeth Valley Railway was built to export the coal.  Burry Port replaced old Pembrey Harbour, around half a mile along the coast.  The neighbouring harbour also had a lighthouse.

Burry Port Lighthouse

By the end of the Second World War, the harbour closed as a commercial port as the pits declined.

Following a campaign by Llanelli Borough Training and Burry Port Yacht Club, the lighthouse was restored. Trinity House donated a new light, and it was formally opened on 9th February 1996 by the Mayor of Llanelli, David T James.

The lighthouse underwent further restoration in July 2021.

Across the opposite entrance of the estuary, Whitford Point Lighthouse can be seen from the pier on a clear day.

Established: 1842
Light Range: 6.5 miles
Elevation: 7 metres